What quilt is suitable for sleeping in summer?

Since it is so hot throughout the summer, it is simple to perspire while you are sleeping. In order to make a quilt easy to replace, you must choose a fabric that is breathable, soft and light, and easy to wash.

Good water permeability, good breathability, a lack of cover, and the ability to be cleaned directly are the essential qualities of caressma.

summer comforter

1、 Soft and cool fabric

The cozy sheet is constructed entirely of nylon. The Q-Max>0.3 fabric offers ongoing softness and cooling. It swiftly absorbs and releases body heat, lowering body temperature by 2–5°C. You can sleep more quickly on warm summer nights, free from the discomfort of heat and perspiration. You can then have the ideal night.

2、 High quality padding

Our quilts are filled with 100% feather fabric. It can be fluffier and more evenly dispersed thanks to this ingredient, which also prevents lumps and horrible things from forming. For individuals who cannot use real feather bedding, this is a fantastic alternative. It will maintain a cozy temperature in your bed.

3、Exquisite splicing process

High-end products are produced using specialized quilting technology. An inner liner that is firmly fastened avoids migration or clumping. Better fit for human body.

4、Edge white pipe

Filler leakage is prevented via white piping. This style gives your area a touch of beauty while guaranteeing endurance for up to five years.

5、Use in a variety of situations

You can use the quilt on the couch, in the vehicle, or even while traveling, camping, or going on a picnic because it is lightweight and portable.

6、Easy to clean

You can wash them at home in cold water (30°) on a gentle cycle instead of taking them to the laundry, and you can let them air dry naturally in the sun afterward.

A 5-star hotel experience may be had at home thanks to the quilts, which are created by seasoned hotel suppliers who have been manufacturing bedding for more than 10 years. You can have a more cozy and enjoyable sleep with our summer quilts.

The Caressma summer comforter is ideal for both individual usage and giving as a gift. Additionally, the gift's recipient won't be let down at all.

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