How pillows provide a good night's sleep?

The best part of the day is lying in bed, getting ready for sleep. However, if the cushion is the wrong pillow, it will just make individuals angrier and make it impossible for them to fall asleep quietly.

People sleep for about a third of their lives, therefore picking a nice cushion is crucial! But choosing a good pillow is not much easier than finding true love. After all, there are too many pillows available on the market, in terms of material, design, and function. If you unintentionally purchase the wrong pillow, your life will be miserable even in the beginning.

How do you struggle to get comfortable while trying to sleep at night? You roll your head over on the pillow.

The wrong pillow makes you wake up in the morning with a pair of dark circles under your eyes, only to find that your neck is pillowed, your shoulders are sore and aching, your head is dizzy, and you feel like you didn't sleep well.

According to scientists, getting 8 hours a day is best for our health. However, a poor pillow will actually shorten your sleep and impair the quality of your sleep. Poor physical and mental health, as well as poor sleep, will cause enormous damage! And the cause of all these issues may be that you initially picked the wrong pillow!

So what should a good pillow look like?

1、The ability to fit the neck perfectly and support the physiological curvature of your cervical spine.

2、The ability to completely release the pressure in your head, to de-stress your life and to help you sleep.

3、Can completely take care of your sleep safety, clean and hygienic without mites and bacteria.

4、Can be completely fresh and breathable, enjoy a refreshing and comfortable sleeping space.

Can really do the above four points of the pillow, it is worth your money to buy. So where is such a pillow?

Caressma has recently launched a new pillow that is especially suitable for people who have certain requirements for sleep.

100% polyester fabric

The 100% polyester microfiber used to make the pillow is incredibly soft to the touch.And can provide you a high-quality sleep experience comparable to that of a five-star hotel.

High quality filler fiber

We use 70% 7D and 30% 3D material padding. This padding provides you with enough support to help you get a soft and comfortable sleep experience.

Modern and elegant design

We use a simple yet elegant design, and on the outside we use a double piping design. Make your pillow both comfortable and not lose its beauty.

You will only know if the pillow is good when you use it.

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